Customer Focused, Feature Rich, DIY Payroll Platform

WholesalePayroll isn't the faster horse. It's the automobile of payroll software.

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100% Whitelabeled

Stand alone with single sign-on

No matter the company, WholesalePayroll's Single Sign-On functionality keeps the keys to the kingdom in one place.

Embed directly into your application

Seamless embedding and integration makes WholesalePayroll as much a part of your business as you are.

We don't sell directly to employers

We're not here to compete with our clients; that's why we don't sell directly to employers. If you want to offer WholesalePayroll as a solution of your own, you won't have to worry about us undercutting you. If you're looking to find a WholesalePayroll provider, we'll connect you with some of the best.

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Make changes with ease

Inline Editing

Line by line, dollar by dollar. Futuristic precision and hyper-accurate editing capabilities allows you to do more with less.

Historical Editing

Correcting archived items has never been easier, with complete pass through changes up to date record keeping.

screenshot image of wholesale payroll product - representing making changes with ease on the product

Do more with less

Gone are the days of manual tax efforts, endless fax machine beeps, and too many cooks in the kitchen. Intelligent automations wipe that all off the map, leaving you in control.

screenshot image of wholesale payroll product - Representing automation

A feature-rich payroll solution to accelerate your business

Match your business flow

Power to the people; from start to finish, WholesalePayroll can be configured to meet your business' needs.

Modern, and user-friendly

Payroll shouldn't feel like yesteryear's software, which is why WholesalePayroll was built and designed from the ground up with modern principles and styling.

Mobile ready

Everyone has their phone with them, and it feels like the work day never stops. Keep up the pace with an always up to date mobile payroll platform.

Exports and reporting

External analysis is made simple with convent data exports out of WholesalePayroll. For a quicker fix, our suite of reporting options will keep even a more senior analyst on their toes.

Onboard with ease

Let workers onboard themselves, as workers paid via WholesalePayroll maintain their own profiles and information. No more notes to HR to change direct deposit information.

Easy in or out migrations

It's easy to switch to WholesalePayroll, and even easier to migrate out. We're not going to hold you hostage; you're free to go - with all of your data - at any time.

We're here for you

Easy, affordable, hassle free, payroll software that doesn't hold you back.

We support your billing efforts

Our industry-unique billing module allows you, the subscriber, to set up your own fee structure. We'll do all of the calculations, collect the fees on your behalf, and send it your way. Spare yourself the end of month billing day; we'll handle it.

You determine your own revenue model, and we'll help you refine it.

Whether you want to charge via monthly fees, a percentage cut, or per employee, you name it - we'll help you build and refine it.

We help you grow your business for you. We're your biggest fans.

We'll invest in you, and help put WholesalePayroll in front of the right people. You've never had a team backing you like ours.

Ready to make the switch?

We're here to help you cross the bridge and send your current system downstream. Send a message or give us a call and we'll get you started.

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