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Payroll Providers

CPA's, Tax Professionals, Bookkeepers, Enrolled Agents

  • A unique revenue model puts you in control of how much you charge and who you sell to.
  • Typical payroll aggravations are washed away with earth-shattering new software developments.
  • Automatic updates, shifting processes from paper to e-file, not having to reach out to support; these are just a few of the ways WholesalePayroll is simplifying payroll around the world.

POS System Providers

  • You’ve already got their data, why not take it a step further and offer your clients payroll software? Keep your information in house, avoid markups, and provide your business yet another revenue stream, with half the work already done.
  • No need to worry about too much extra staffing to handle the payroll software, as we’ve taken care of all the busy work.

Payroll Support Needed (Insurance Brokers)

  • Want to provide payroll with no additional staff? At DataSetGo, we offer a service we like to call “PayrollSupport.” Direct any inquiries there and we'll get you helped out.
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Looking for a provider? Browse through our list of preferred providers local to you, and we'll match you up with what works best for you and your business.

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We're here to support you

Easy, affordable, hassle free, payroll software that doesn't hold you back.

We support your billing efforts

Our industry-unique billing module allows you, the subscriber, to set up your own fee structure. We'll do all of the calculations, collect the fees on your behalf, and send it your way. Spare yourself the end of month billing day; we'll handle it.

You define your own revenue model, and we'll help you refine it.

Whether you want to charge via monthly fees, a percentage cut, or per employee, you name it - we'll help you build and refine it.

We help you grow your business for you. We're your biggest fans.

We'll invest in you, and help put WholesalePayroll in front of the right people. You've never had a team backing you like ours.

Ready to see what everyone's talking about.

You and your company deserve a better payroll system. We know it too. Schedule a demo today and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

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